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You've created the perfect customized wine bottle and we know that you must have a quality, wonderful tasting wine to go with it. It is our goal for you to be able to easily express yourself on each personalized wine bottle and our job to ensure the wine inside lives up to your beautiful creation! All our wine is made or selected by the discerning palates at WineGreeting. As luck would have it, our business has grown and we are not able to keep up with demand for our wine alone and so we now offer wine from other wineries in California so you have the perfect, refreshing glass!

Custom Wine Bottle Pricing

This wine is produced in an award-winning region of Northern California. We found this gem and knew immediately that they were the right one for us. They produce a smooth, very well balanced, rich merlot with a hint of blackberry. We know that you will love it.

This wine comes from a small place located near the Russian River in Sonoma County. Although the region is renowned for producing world class wines, this vineyard is not famous, but they produce a fabulous Chardonnay. It is crisp without being sharp, refreshing on the palate, and has a smooth finish.

Sparkling Wine
This wine is light in color and displays aromas of fresh green apple and nectarine. Crisp and intriguing with a refreshing finish of small bubbles. This Brut Sparkling Wine can be paired with appetizers, seafood, and a wide range of desserts and cheeses.

We have designed these wines to be as pleasing to as many drinkers as possible. Although everyone's taste is unique and as original as the person drinking it, we know that each of our customers will be pleased with the wine we offer! The ultimate enemy of wine is oxygen and this is why we chose wax to seal each bottle. The wax seeps into each nook and cranny of the cork and seals out oxygen for a longer period of time than other types of wine toppers. So for those of you who have the will power to let the delicious wine stay in the bottle for awhile... our wax tops will allow the wine to stay delicious until you are ready to enjoy it.
Cheers! From the WineGreeting team


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